The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 189: March 22, 2009


Bit.Trip Beat, Madworld, iPhone SDK 3.0

  • We're giving away a copy of Killzone 2 - find out how you can win - entries due March 29th!
  • We give our opinions of the Wiiware title Bit.Trip Beat and the Wii full game Madworld.
  • The Game Developers Conference is this week, but don't expect to hear megaton game announcements. The conference isn't for you.
  • Apple unleashed the iPhone OS 3.0 SDK to developers this week, and it has ramifications on iPhone gaming. Is it REALLY a DS killer?
  • Since October 1st, Sony has been charging publishers 16 cents per gigabyte for DLC on the Playstation Network.
  • Then we take calls about developers listening to customers, an opposing opinion on Bit.Trip Beat, Samurai Showdown, finding gaming's Citizen Kane, and Nintendo's patented "easy button".
  • There's a nifty contest going on at to win a T-Shirt signed by many independent podcasters including Bobby Blackwolf. Go enter!

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