The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 18: November 20, 2005


Week of November 20, 2005

  • We interview Ted Bracewell, artist of the new weekly webcomic Free Play here on, as well as contributor to Electric Playground and creator of Star Wars fan films.
  • Dear Game Companies: There are more months in the year than just November to sell great games.
  • Guitar Hero is great, but beware if you have an HDTV! We demonstrate "upconversion lag" when playing standard definition games on a Samsung DLP.
  • Mario Kart DS is also fun, and while the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection has some areas to improve, it's still a solid start. Share your friends code on our forums, but don't you dare share them on Nintendo's official forums!
  • The 2006 Walk of Game inductees have been announced and you too can walk all over them at Sony's Metreon in San Fransisco.
  • Peter Moore claims that there is no conspiriacy about artificial shortages with the Xbox 360 launch. Riiiiiiight.
  • There's some cool FREE stuff available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, such as FREE game demos and HD music videos/movie trailers.
  • Spoiler alert! We spoil the winners of the SpikeTV Video Game Awards, but don't worry, some of the winners haven't been released yet anyway.
  • The Matrix Has You...And will give you advertising in-game with no drop in your subscription price.
  • And over in Fayette, Alabama, Jack Thompson was forceably removed from the case that he already withdrew from, Strickland v. Sony.
  • Can you guess the question to the Jeopardy answer at the end of the show? The contestants couldn't!

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