The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 176-177: December 14, 2008


PS Home, Console Repairs, SBCG4AP Review

In the first episode:

  • We give our review on the last three episodes of Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People, as well as early impressions on Wario Land: Shake It.
  • The PlayStation Home Public Beta began, and we discussed if people were looking at Home in the wrong way.
  • Brutal Legend finally gets a publisher.
  • The Wii dominated hardware sales in November, but who dominated software?
  • Our music break is from Doctor Octoroc's 8-bit Jesus.
  • Then we take a call about how reviews should be made from the standpoint of "this is the only game I can play all year" and that parents are too dumb to find IGN or Gamespot therefore those sites shouldn't review children's games.

In the second episode:
  • Microsoft knew about the 360's disc scratching issue before the console launched, however decided to place warning stickers on the console rather than spend the money to fix the problem in the design.
  • CC Gaming, our partner for the new show Friday Night Gaming, apparently fixed 127,000 PS3's in one day by isolating a software bug and forwarding their findings to Sony.
  • Then we play a four-month old voicemail asking what game you missed out on this holiday season.
  • We take calls on that topic as well as missed games, used games, and why parents are smarter than a specific caller thinks.

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