The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 141: March 30, 2008


Xbox Live Arcade: Good or Bad for Gaming?

  • We open up by talking about Lost Odyssey and itÂ’s lack of save points.
  • Then we talk about the messages weÂ’ve received on our PS3 aboutwhen weÂ’re going to actually play games - so we started playing one!
  • After reading an email about our WiiWare discussion from two weeks ago, we discuss MetanetÂ’s comments in their Gamasutra postmortem on recent XBLA title N+, as well as their later clarification.
  • Also, we look at Microsoft telling Japanese developer 5pb that they are cutting down on faithful arcade ports with respect to shmups Dodonpachi Daioujou Black Label X and Ketsui X.
  • So the question becomes: what do YOU, the gamer, think of Xbox Live ArcadeÂ’s offerings? Our chat room answers may surprise you.
  • We also briefly discuss MicrosoftÂ’s DRM and that they may be close to fixing it.

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