The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 125: December 9, 2007


Gametap Game Rotation, Beats and Pain

  • This week we begin with a followup on Gerstmann-gate, straight from Gamespot.
  • Then we look into GametapÂ’s removal of 70+ games from their catalog via an official post on their message boards.
  • Then we take a look at two Playstation Network downloadable titles - Beats (PSP) and Pain (PS3).
  • Check out our Youtube video of this showÂ’s theme song playing in Beats!
  • We also discuss what a bitch it is to download a PSP game off of the PC-based Playstation Store.
  • The Xbox 360 Dashboard update is out, and has some nice features.
  • This show was recorded leading up to the SpikeTV Video Game Awards,so our discussion topic (along with the Bobby Blackwolf Show debut ofDerrickH as himself) is about awards - do you trust them or not?

Download The MP3! - 19MB, 53 minutes 13 seconds

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