The Bobby Blackwolf Show Episode 113: September 16, 2007


Games for Grades, Dan Teasdale on Rock Band

It's a Saturday edition show that got extremely delayed in getting put up due to matters out of my control.

  • This week's PAX interview is with Dan Teasdale, Senior Designer at Harmonix about Rock Band and the drum peripheral.
  • A Gamestop manager enacts a "Games for Grades" policy and then gets suspended for enacting it.
  • FASA Studios, the developers of Shadowrun, closed their doors much to nobody's surprise.  (It then evolves into discussion about Halo 3's marketing campaign.)
  • At their Pre-TGS conference, Microsoft announced that Rez, Ikaruga, and Braid are coming to Xbox Live Arcade.
  • Gamerdad Andrew Bub suffered from a Heart Attack, and if you have anything to spare, please visit and support the family.
  • Then Kropotkin calls in to discuss the PSP Cheap...I mean the PSP Slim.
  • And then we take a call about Jam Sessions and Drawn to Life - two DS games that will be discussed on the next show once Gamefly delivers them.
The next show will also be on a Saturday due to travel commitments.

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